New Florida law clears pathway to graduation for thousands of high school seniors

High school seniors in Northeast Florida can breathe a sigh of relief now that Governor Ron DeSantis has signed into law a bill providing more options for students to satisfy high school graduation requirements.

This year state lawmakers proposed raising the score students would need to earn on the reading and writing portion of the SAT to satisfy a graduation requirement, which could have prevented thousands of current high school seniors from earning a diploma this year.

According to numbers Action News Jax received from local districts, 189 seniors in Clay County didn’t pass the 10th grade English Language Arts Assessment, which put their graduation at risk.

In Duval, nearly 1,200 seniors either didn’t pass the ELA Assessment or the Algebra 1 end-of-course exam and in St. Johns, 133 didn’t pass the ELA assessment.

Students are able to satisfy their graduation requirements by earning a comparable score on the SAT or ACT, but the minimum score but during the legislative session Florida lawmakers considered raising the required score on the reading and writing section of the SAT from 430 to 480.

“Effective for this year, which affects this year’s seniors who did not see it coming,” said St. Johns County School Board Member Bev Slough.

Slough said if the requirements had been raised, it could have put 7,000 students in Florida at risk of not graduating.

In Clay County alone, it would have directly cost 107 high school seniors a diploma.

NEVER has it been more important to ensure your graduation isn’t left in the hands of rule makers than it is today. If you are struggling or feel you may be borderline graduation GPA then reach out to a tutor and get guidance on how to cross that line!

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